With the enthusiasm over the level of demand for the hydraulic piling hammer, the IPH Hydraulic Piling Hammer had been developed in 1993 and aimed to bring the most recent technology to pile driving techniques. It is suitable to drive all types of piles.

During the design and development of this hammer, particular attention was paid to easy operation and low maintenance problems. The hydraulic hammer and rig are manufactured, using high quality materials, on the most modern machine tools and with utmost precision. We produce almost all components and parts in our own factory and therefore the proverbial IPH product quality are guaranteed.

IPH Hydraulic Piling Hammer and rig is mounted on excavator type superstructure and the hydraulic system is modified from it, the hammer and rig can be operate without any power pack.

Parts dismantling during transportation is not required, it does not require crane to mobilize and demobilize. It is capable to work in rough terrain.

All functions such as single stroke or automatic operations, specific numbers of strokes or continuous operation, can be chosen in advance from the control panel. The electrical and hydraulic power supply are taken from the base machine.

An environmentally acceptable, low noise, non-polluting, rapid start-up with higher driving performance is offered by IPH Hydraulic Piling Machine.

The advantages are :
• High blow energy
• High performance and productivity
• Low breakdown
• No power pack required
• Single strokes are possible
• Manual and automatic control
• Smoothly adjustable hammer impact stroke and frequency
• Easy operation and maintenance
• No dismantling of parts during transportation
• Rapid start-up
• Low environmental impact